Outdoor Sculptures

Sarah's latest body of work has been creating unique sculptures, fountains / water features and birdbaths for the garden. She has enjoyed the challenge of the scale, and reformulating her glazes for outdoors.

Garden designers looking for unique, handmade, joyous fountains and water features for your latest garden project, look no further. Unusual, colourful and humorous one off pieces for your project, from either Sarah's current portfolio, or if you have an idea for a piece you have longed to have individually made please get in touch.

Sarah's Bird Baths create a smaller feature within the garden, Blue Birds Meeting Place and Leafy Glade form part of her current body of works for the garden.

Clients often would love to own a piece of her smaller scale gallery work, but feel they don't have the space or ideal surroundings in their homes, but do have space in their gardens. Space for a large, unique, colourful, humorous, unusual sculpture or feature, to create a focal point within both courtyard gardens and large open spaces.

Please feel free to contact Sarah if you have a specific design idea that you had in mind, your wildest dreams could be Sarah's next challenge! Retail prices are between £100 - £1000