Gallery Pieces

Sarah most recent sculptures have mainly been created to bring joy to the beholder, a companion to raise a smile and a burst of technicolour to their worlds.

When she creates a piece if it doesn't make her smile, she puts it to one side and comes back to it later. They have to speak to her, and interact within the clay environment they created within/on. i.e. Blue Bird Flying over the palm trees, or Foraging in the Garden. It seems odd but her work has become less sea obsessed since she moved to the coast 10 years ago!

The adventures of the Blue Bird have been with Sarah, since a singular Blue Bird made his debute at her degree show in 1991. He featured mainly with sea creatures and sculptures that looked like they had been washed up on a tropical island. The Blue Birds adventures have been all about escapism, and wanting to be that Blue Bird and fly to all of those amazing places. He has even been to the moon!

Sarah's elephant obsession, that has now overflowed into her larger scale works for outdoors, began after a trip to Thailand. On a local bus trip through the heart of Thailand, Sarah & husband were privie to a lovely side show of a group of naughty Elephants frolicking in some wood land set back from the road.

On another occasion they were both shocked and surprised to see and elephant on the back of a pick up truck, speeding up the other side of the motor way! An elephant is always a joy to see, and she has on occasion had a chance to interact with these amazing creatures.

Please enjoy looking through a selection of her current pieces, and look further on this website for archival favourite creations such as, O'Malley, Sarah's extremely popular dog sculptures. If you are interested in any of the pieces, please don't hesitate to contact her direct via the contact page. Retail prices are between £70 - £450.